Privacy Policy

This website & Any apps owned by archtects productions is/are operated by Scott Lewis Chambers. I am committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of the visitors when visiting the site, Using my apps or communicating electronically with me via the contact form.

This policy sets out how I will process any personal data that maybe collect from you or that you provide to me through my website or apps. I confirm that in the event i receive information, such as your name or email, I will do my utmost to keep your information secure and that I will comply fully with all applicable UK Data Protection legislation and regulations. By visiting [] (my website) or using one of my apps, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy.

Types of information I may collect from you.

In the event of an email sent to me via the contact form or any email sent to me about support on one of my apps any information you sent will be for my eyes only. I will not pass around/sell to a third-party/share or reuse.

Information you supply to me. You may supply me with information about you by filling in forms on our website. This would include name and your email. Any other information you provide is purely of your own will, and was not requested by the contact form.

Information my apps supply to me. I do not use any types of trackers/mailware or any other kind of information grabbing tricks to collect information about you. Any information i may involuntarily receive from apps are as follows:

  • Android version
  • Device
  • Currency used to purchase app
  • Language
  • App Version
  • Operator

The above are all provided by google developer play console application. I do my part and keep all the information that is provided by google safe. The application keeps all of the data. I at no point download this data. Nor do i use any of this data to further monetary gain, or pass on or sell on to third party site.

Any information provided to me through google is kept on google's services.

Apps with Adverts

I Don’t see or use the information google ads uses to display relevant ads to you. Any information or cookies collected are part of google's privacy policy. I am not aware of the types of adverts you would see.


I value anonymity and privacy. I do not share any information i receive. I also try to keep any information that i could receive to a minimum. Any information sent to via email or the contact form is of your own provision. I don’t not request extra information unless it could shed light on an issue you maybe having. However this would be regarding android version or/and name of device. I will not send you apks/pdfs/words/exe’s or other files via email unless you have specifically asked me to do so.


I don't use them on this website. I Don't track your visit. Any cookies planted by my webhost service are not something I have agreed to. While this is unlikely, however should it ever happen I will notify them.

Changes to the privacy policy

Any changes we may make to my privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to the privacy policy.